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Introduction to Sociology
SOC  0110 3.00 Credit Hours
An introductory course focused on the systematic study of society. Emphasis on major concepts of sociology and the scientific point of view in understanding and explaining human behavior and social phenomena.
Social Problems
SOC  0210 3.00 Credit Hours
A survey of contemporary social problems including racism, sexism, crime and deviance, drug use, and mental disorders. The course encourages a critical examination of society and focuses on the structural sources of social problems such as class, race, and gender. The role of the U.S. in global social problems is also explored. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Marriage and Family
SOC  0221 3.00 Credit Hours
Analysis and study of paired relationships, marriage as the genesis of family life, elements in the preparation for marriage and parenthood, and the development of family relationships throughout the life cycle.
Introduction to Social Work
SOC  0231 3.00 Credit Hours
Philosophical and historical development of social work as a professional career. Focuses on role of the social worker within the various practice settings. May entail field trips and guest speakers. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Topics in Sociology
SOC  0298 3.00 Credit Hours
Special sociology topics of current interest. Subjects and instructors may vary each semester. Students are encouraged to submit areas of interest to the social science department.
Sociology of Religion
SOC  0301 3.00 Credit Hours
Examines religion as a major social institution. Compares behavioral content of religions. Major attention is given to the nature of religion, organized religion, and how religion is integrated into society. Some discussion of the behavioral expectations associated with the major religions of the world. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Cults in the U.S.
SOC  0302 3.00 Credit Hours
This course focuses on the study of cults and New Religious Movements in the United States today. The class will examine the nature of abusive fringe groups in modern society from a theoretical perspective, looking at the various definitions and classifications of these groups in sociology. Prerequisites: SOC 110.
The Arab World
SOC  0303 3.00 Credit Hours
A sociological look at the Arab world that identifies peoples, countries, geographical settings, cultural differences, cultural change, political and religious affiliations, and the emergence of contemporary issues. Special emphasis will be placed upon the Israel - Palestine - Jordan problem area.
Social Gerontology
SOC  0306 3.00 Credit Hours
A review of aging studies with particular emphasis on needs, problems, areas of concern, aging theories, social services for the elderly, and accumulated data from gerontological research. Such topics as life changes, retirement, and alternative life styles among the elderly will be analyzed. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Social Stratification
SOC  0311 3.00 Credit Hours
Examination of differences in power, privilege, and prestige. Analysis of the effects of social inequality on people's lives within the United States and an overview of the complex array of social structures that comprise international systems of inequality by race/ethnicity, gender, and social class. Prerequisite: 6 hours of Sociology.
Juvenile Delinquency
SOC  0312 3.00 Credit Hours
Analysis of environment and social background for juvenile delinquency behaviors. Investigation of behavioral content and scope of official delinquency. Review of the influences of family, school, peer groups and gangs, and the juvenile justice and corrections system. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Social Interaction
SOC  0319 3.00 Credit Hours
Theoretical examination of the individual as both a social product and a social force. Areas covered include the foundations of human interaction, process of socialization, and differentiation of individuals. Focus on the formal and informal rules of interaction in our society. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Sociology of Work and Leisure
SOC  0322 3.00 Credit Hours
Analysis of work, occupations, career mobility, and job satisfaction as important elements in society. Examination of leisure activities which alter with technological advances and the changing economic base. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Gender Roles
SOC  0341 3.00 Credit Hours
An introduction to the biological, cultural, and structural foundations of gender. Explores theories that help to explain gender, a fundamental and pervasive determinant of social life. Includes the review of studies that illustrate differences in the evaluations of men's and women's activities and traditional gender roles. Sociological implications of sex and gender at both the personal (micro) and societal (macro) levels of analysis will be discussed. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
SOC  0351 3.00 Credit Hours
This course examines the social and legal concept of crime, the review of measurements of crime(s) and crime statistics, and the theories related to the causes of criminal behaviors. Also includes discussion of profiles of different adult offenders and their behavioral characteristics relative to the major felonies committed in contemporary society. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Medical Sociology
SOC  0354 3.00 Credit Hours
A survey of the social causes and consequences of health and illness, the expanding role of health-related organizations, the training of health care personnel, and the contemporary consumer's movement. A cross-cultural comparison of health care delivery systems and a review of various social problems associated with health care in the U.S. is provided. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Social Demography
SOC  0361 3.00 Credit Hours
A look at changes in human population through an analysis of birth rates, death rates, and migrations. Social demographic analysis of census and independent research data. Various population theories are applied to national and world situations. Concepts of over-population, minority groups, and aging are analyzed. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Deviant Behavior
SOC  0362 3.00 Credit Hours
A survey of the theoretical explanations of socially disapproved behavior from the sociological perspective and the application of these concepts to specific forms of deviance. Also includes analysis of the social nature of conforming behavior as a way of increasing understanding of deviant behavior. Prerequisite: 6 hours of Sociology.
The Sociology of Death & Dying
SOC  0370 3.00 Credit Hours
A review of the international religious, secular, and scientific expressions regarding death. Historical and current issues pertaining to death are explored and a critical perspective is taken on all positions. The course incorporates both philosophical and pragmatic overviews of death and dying. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Ethnic Relations
SOC  0382 3.00 Credit Hours
A study of racial and cultural groups particularly focusing on the United States with some analysis of international ethnic relations. Analyzes several general theories and explanations for minority-dominant relations. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Penology and Corrections
SOC  0391 3.00 Credit Hours
Philosophy, history, and operations of penitentiary systems with special attention given to changes in adult institutions. Explanation of the problems associated with prison populations and types of facilities along with sentences, therapeutic models, and community treatment. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Collective Behavior
SOC  0395 3.00 Credit Hours
An examination of riots, panics, mass hysterias/collective delusions, fads, social movements and other forms of collective social behavior. Includes exploration of the theories used to explain such events and the analysis of several specific episodes of collective behavior. Prerequisite: 6 hours of Sociology or consent of instructor.
Sociology of Education
SOC  0396 3.00 Credit Hours
An analysis of the functions and processes that characterize the social institution of education, including cultural transmission and social control, and the role of education in the process of social stratification. Includes examination of attempts to achieve equality of educational opportunity by race/ethnicity, gender, and social class and the relationships between education and the other social institutions including the family, religion, and the economy. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Social Science Research Method
SOC  0401 3.00 Credit Hours
An introduction and exploration into the ways in which social scientists conduct research including various designs, including interviewing, observation, survey design, and content analysis. Emphasis will be placed on quantitative analysis and the decisions faced by social scientists when designing and applying social research. The course will cover methods of problem and hypothesis formulation, data collection and instrumentation. There will also be an emphasis placed on ethical issues in research. Prerequisite: 9 Hours of Sociology.
The Community Rural & Urban
SOC  0402 3.00 Credit Hours
Social processes of human groups who share common unities of territory and cultural bonds. Major attention on gemeinschaft-gesellschaft theories as they pertain to national, rural, urban, ethnic, and subcultural communities, and how these intertwine in contemporary societies. Prerequisite: SOC 110.
Social Science Statistics
SOC  0405 3.00 Credit Hours
Provides basic tools necessary to gather, describe, analyze, and present quantitative social science data. Focus will be on conducting basic univariate and bivariate analyses. Prerequisite: Math 125 or higher math or consent of instructor.
Sociology of Child Abuse
SOC  0406 3.00 Credit Hours
An analysis of child abuse and neglect within the United States. The dynamics of the family environment as well as the victim-perpetrator relationship will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on societal reaction to both abuser and the abused in addition to the behavior itself. Potential treatment alternatives will be analyzed. Prerequisite: 9 hours of Sociology.
Sociological Research Methods
SOC  0431 3.00 Credit Hours
An exploration of the skills employed in conducting research as utilized in various designs, including interviewing, observation, survey design, and content analysis. Methods of problem and hypothesis formulation, data collection and instrumentation will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on ethical issues in research. Prerequisite: 9 hours of Sociology.
Sociological Theory
SOC  0482 3.00 Credit Hours
An exploration of classical and contemporary sociological theory placed in historical perspective from Auguste Comte to the modern era. Prerequisite: 9 hours of sociology.
Internship in Sociology
SOC  0491 1.00 Credit Hours
Observation of and participation in various social service agencies in the community. All internships must conform with institutional policy regarding the number of hours per credit and contractual agreements with cooperating agency personnel. No more than three hours may be counted toward a major or minor. Prerequisites: 15 hours of Sociology, Junior standing or above, and a GPA of 2.75. Repeatable for up to eight credit hours.
Advanced Topics in Sociology
SOC  0498 3.00 Credit Hours
For upper division sociology majors. Topics covered and methods used will place emphasis on student-instructor interest, desire to pursue in-depth research and ability to assimilate topics. It will include areas not already treated in other sociology courses. Prerequisite: 15 hours of Sociology or consent of instructor.
Independent Study
SOC  0499 1.00 Credit Hours
Structured by the adviser with the approval of the department head and school dean. Prerequisite: Advanced standing in the major field with a GPA of 3.0. Enrollment in the course must be approved by department head and dean. Repeatable for up to six credit hours.