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Basic Concepts in Radiology
RAD  0100 3.00 Credit Hours
This course covers basic concepts related to the practice of radiology. It will cover introductory concepts related to the role of the radiographer in healthcare, healthcare delivery systems, ARRT Code of Ethics, overview and handling of basic medical equipment, introduction to radiation and patient safety concepts and basic positioning of the chest and abdomen.
Introduction to Radiology
RAD  0101 3.00 Credit Hours
Basic procedures and equipment in the radiology department. Includes organization, function, and supervision of a radiology department with a history of x-ray, patient care basics, ethical principles and legal aspects of radiologic technology and basic principles of radiation protection. Three hours lecture per week.
Clinical Training I
RAD  0110 2.00 Credit Hours
Clinical training with special emphasis in the areas of the thorax, pelvis, extremities, and spine radiography. Fifteen hours of clinical training per week.
Medical Terminology
RAD  0111 3.00 Credit Hours
The language of medicine, especially as related to radiology, through a comprehensive study of the more common medical roots, prefixes and suffixes. Relates medical roots to everyday English words. A survey of medical diseases and surgical terms is included. This particular course is recommended for pre-radiology students. Three hours lecture per week. Cross-listed as HS 111.
Prin Radiographic Exposure
RAD  0132 4.00 Credit Hours
Fundamental principles of technique and technique conversion with particular emphasis on the factors that directly and indirectly affect radiographic exposure. Emphasis on radiation protection, processing , image artifacts and digital modalities.
Radiographic Positioning I
RAD  0142 4.00 Credit Hours
Basic radiographic positioning including both standard and specialized positions of the chest, bony thorax and spine. Image critique and radiation protection are included as critical parts of this course. One and a half hours lecture, three hours lab per week.
Radiologic Physics
RAD  0170 3.00 Credit Hours
The physics of radiology. The physical principles of X-ray production, including theory in electricity, rectification, circuitry, and basic equipment maintenance. Three hours lecture per week.
Clinical Training II
RAD  0210 2.00 Credit Hours
Intensive clinical training with emphasis in fluoroscopy and various contrast studies. Additional experience and competencies will also be obtained in the areas of general radiography, portables, and an introduction to surgical rotations.
Radiographic Positioning II
RAD  0241 3.00 Credit Hours
Radiographic procedures and positioning related to the bony thorax, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. A basic overview is given of surgical, mobile and trauma radiography. Special emphasis on the use and preparation of contrast media, patient preparation, and procedures employed, including tomography to visualize organs of interest and pathophysiology of the above systems. Two and one half hours lecture, one hour lab per week. Prerequisites: RAD 142 or permission of instructor.
Clinical Training III
RAD  0300 2.00 Credit Hours
Clinical training in special procedures requiring sterile fields and surgical cases. Continued practice and competency in general radiography, surgery, and contrast studies. Prerequisites: RAD 110, RAD 210.
Image Critique & Qual Mgmt Rad
RAD  0301 2.00 Credit Hours
Theory and practice in the art and science of evaluating the technical quality of images. Students will develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to correct positioning and technical errors. Includes an introduction to quality assurance and pathophysiology of the skeletal and respiratory systems. Prerequisites: RAD 132, RAD 170. Four hours of lecture per week.
Radiographic Positioning III
RAD  0320 3.00 Credit Hours
An in-depth study of the anatomy and radiographic equipment and positioning used in skulls, facial bones, sinuses, arthrography, long bone measurements, and mammography. Part II of this course will include an introduction to CT, and an overview of sectional anatomy of the brain, spine, neck, chest, and abdomen. One and a half hours of lecture, three hours of lab per week. Prerequisites: RAD 241.
Clinical Training IV
RAD  0340 3.00 Credit Hours
Continued training in special procedures with increased responsibility in surgical radiography. Continued clinical proficiency development in general radiography, including contrast studies, surgical, portable, facial and skull radiography. Prerequisite: RAD 300 or permission of instructor.
Patient Care & Radiation Prot.
RAD  0350 3.00 Credit Hours
A continuation of basic patient care and radiation protection learned to this point in the program. Course content includes signs, symptoms and appropriate technologist response to common emergencies encountered in radiology. Infection control, chest tubes, enteral tubes, and vascular access lines, as well as medication administration, venipuncture and basic ECG will also be covered. Emphasis will be placed on radiation biology and radiation protection of the patient and technologist involved in patient care procedures. Three hours lecture per week. Prerequisites: RAD 101 or permission of instructor.
Clinical Training V
RAD  0360 3.00 Credit Hours
Students will rotate through special procedures with increased responsibility and do an introductory rotation through CT scans. In addition, students will continue to incorporate skills and competencies in basic radiologic procedures. Prerequisite: RAD 340.
Special Topics in Radiology
RAD  0370 3.00 Credit Hours
Course covers angiography, myelography, digital modalities, bone densitometry and CT with an introductory segment on MRI and ultrasound. Special emphasis on equipment operation, patient care, contrast preparation, procedural steps and pathophysiology. Three hours lecture.
Advanced Radiology
RAD  0399 3.00 Credit Hours
A capstone course designed to prepare students for the national certification examination. Course will include advanced concepts and testing over all major aspects covered by the national certification examination as outlined by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Prerequisites - RAD 101, RAD 132, RAD 170, RAD 241. Six hours lecture per week.