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General Psychology
PSY  0100 3.00 Credit Hours
Introductory course on the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Covers research and theories in areas of psychology such as abnormal, social, learning and memory, neuroscience, and development. Fulfills a General Education requirement for Area E2.
Child Development
PSY  0200 3.00 Credit Hours
The course will cover child development from conception to late childhood, including physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Theories and methods of child development will be discussed. Cultural and contextual aspects, including family and peer relationships will be included.Prerequisite: PSY 100 with minimum grade of ‘C’. No credit will be given if PSY 205 has been completed
Adolescent Development
PSY  0201 3.00 Credit Hours
The course will cover development from puberty to early adulthood, including physical, cognitive, social-emotional development and problems in development. Theories and research methodology will be included, as will adolescent development in the contexts of family, peers, and culture. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with minimum grade of ‘C’. No credit will be given if PSY 205 has been completed.
Child & Adolescent Development
PSY  0205 4.00 Credit Hours
Various aspects of human development from conception, infancy, childhood, transescence to adolescence will be examined, including physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Emphasis will be given to theoretical frame¬work and its practical implication. Cross cultural variety will be included wherever appropriate. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of “C”. One hour credit will be given toward graduation if PSY 200 or PSY 201 has been completed.
Personal Adjustment
PSY  0221 3.00 Credit Hours
The course addresses selected principles of adjustment, ways of coping, and research of practical value. Topics include the nature and management of stress, interpersonal communication, relationship dynamics, self concept, and the connection between physical and mental health.
Applied Behaviorism
PSY  0282 3.00 Credit Hours
Techniques of modifying behavior through principles developed by learning psychology. Emphasis on design and implementation of behavioral strategy in the laboratory, as well as practical settings. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of 'C'.
Topics in Psychology
PSY  0298 1.00 Credit Hours
Designed to give instruction in some area of Psychology not covered in other courses. Prerequisites to be determined by department.
Educational Psychology
PSY  0310 2.00 Credit Hours
A practical application of psychological principles to teaching. Students will learn how research is conducted in the field and how to apply those findings to topics such as intelligence, learning, memory, and motivation, in their future classrooms. Geared primarily toward education majors. Prerequisite: PSY 100 and PSY 200, 201 or 205 with a minimum grade of ‘C’.
Appl Statistics Behav Nat Sci
PSY  0320 3.00 Credit Hours
The course includes descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. The analysis and interpretation of data is emphasized. Prerequisites: PSY 100 (or permission) and MATH 125, 129, 130, or 131 with a minimum grade of ‘C’.
Research Methods in Psychology
PSY  0325 3.00 Credit Hours
This course will focus on techniques to gather scientific information in the field of psychology with an emphasis on research design, data collection, statistical analysis, and reporting of statistical results. Prerequisite: PSY 320 with a minimum grade of ‘C’.
Experimental Psychology
PSY  0330 5.00 Credit Hours
The research process is the foundation for building and refining the knowledge base in the field of psychology. This experimental methods course develops and applies basic research skills including: critiquing and applying existing research, conceiving of, developing, and conducting new research in a sound and ethical manner, analyzing statistical data, interpreting statistical results, and communicating research findings in a professionally acceptable manner. Prerequisites: ENG 101 and ENG 102. Prerequisite or co-requisite: PSY 325.
Social Psychology
PSY  0341 3.00 Credit Hours
Introduction to the scientific study of social thinking (how we view ourselves and others), social influence (including conformity, persuasion, and group influence), and social relations (including prejudice, aggression, attraction, and altruism). Prerequisite: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of ‘C’.
Human Sexuality
PSY  0343 3.00 Credit Hours
Surveys current research and theory related to human sexuality. Human sexual behavior and attitudes will be viewed from biological, psychological, historical, and cultural perspectives. Prerequisite: Junior Standing.
Conditioning & Learning
PSY  0386 3.00 Credit Hours
This course is intended to familiarize students with the leading theories and research in the field of learning. Animal (including human) studies will be discussed. Topics include Non-Associative Learning, Classical Conditioning, Instrumental and Operant Conditioning, Stimulus Control of Responding, Punishment, Avoidance Behavior, Memory and Cognitive Processes. Pre-requisite: PSY 320 with minimum grade of ‘C’.
Junior Seminar
PSY  0390 2.00 Credit Hours
For Junior Psychology majors. Through a combination of lectures, written assignments, guest speakers, class discussions and out-of-class activities, Junior Seminar is designed to help students clarify their career goals and determine the actions needed in order to achieve those goals. Topics relating to both career and graduate school in psychology-related fields will be addressed. Prerequisite: Junior standing.
Sensation and Perception
PSY  0411 3.00 Credit Hours
This course is designed to help students understand how our sensory systems provide information about the world around us. The course focuses on the stimuli, physical sensory structures, sensory pathways, and basics of perception for our various senses. We will also discuss research used to examine how our different perceptual systems work, and will touch on differences between human sensory systems and those of other animals. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of ‘C’ and any Biology course.
Meas & Eval Educ & Psychology
PSY  0412 2.00 Credit Hours
Explores theories and problems of measurement and the assessment of learning. Contemporary and classical approaches to measuring achievement in the educational setting are examined. Prerequisite: PSY 310 with a minimum grade of 'C' or consent of instructor.
Animal Behavior
PSY  0415 3.00 Credit Hours
Over the course of the semester, we will explore the broad field of animal behavior, in a quest to understand both how and why animals do the things that they do. We will look at both proximate and ultimate explanations of behavior, and a major focus of this course will be on the variety of lab and field research that has led to our current understanding of behavior from a genetic to a population level of analysis. Prerequisites: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of ‘C’ and any Biology course.
Psychology in Film
PSY  0420 3.00 Credit Hours
An advanced course in psychology examining the use of psychological concepts in feature films. Readings will accompany each film and address the significant concepts illustrated. Specific topics will vary. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with minimum grade of ‘C’ and 6 additional hours of Psychology or permission from instructor.
Theories of Personality
PSY  0422 3.00 Credit Hours
Survey of both classical and contemporary theories of personality including assessment techniques, supportive research, and application. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of ‘C’ and Junior standing.
Abnormal Psychology
PSY  0432 3.00 Credit Hours
Recognition and classification of the systems of mental disorders, specifying causes and possible therapeutic techniques. Theoretical and practical perspectives presented on a wide range of behaviors that have traditionally been viewed as "abnormal." The course includes historical and present-day perspectives, including biological, psychosocial, cognitive, behavioral, and socio-cultural views. Both causal factors and treatment considerations will be discussed. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of ‘C’.
Clinical Psychology
PSY  0435 3.00 Credit Hours
Survey of history, current methods, guild issues, and future developments of clinical practice. Seminar format with considerable student participation. Prerequisites: Junior standing and 15 hours of Psychology with minimum grades of 'C'.
Physiological Psychology
PSY  0442 3.00 Credit Hours
Over the course of the semester, we will explore the structure and function of the nervous system from the individual neuron to the behavior of the organism. The biological basis of major psychological topics like movement, sleep, sensation, sexual behavior, and abnormal behavior will be examined from an ontogenetic and phylogenetic perspective, with a special focus on psychopharmacology. Prerequisite: PSY 100 with a minimum grade of ‘C’ and any Biology course.
Cognitive Psychology
PSY  0443 3.00 Credit Hours
A course covering the methods, theory, empirical research results, and applications of research in cognitive psychology, which is concerned with the scientific study of the mind. Topics include perception, attention, memory, knowledge representation, language, and decision making. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above and 9 hours of Psychology courses with a minimum grade of ‘C’.
Adult Development and Aging
PSY  0475 3.00 Credit Hours
This course will cover adulthood and aging from a lifespan perspective. Topics include theories and research on physical and mental health, memory and cognition, social relationships, and the end of life. The course will include normative changes as well as individual differences, and emphasize positive aging. Prerequisites: PSY 100 and 6 additional hours in Psychology.
Senior Thesis
PSY  0481 3.00 Credit Hours
Capstone course for Psychology majors. Students design and conduct individual research projects on psychological topics. Projects include a review of the relevant scholarly literature, collection of data, analysis of data, and interpretation of results. Students communicate their research in both an APA-format research report and an oral presentation. Prerequisites: PSY 330 with a minimum grade of ‘C’ and Senior standing.
Advanced Topics in Psychology
PSY  0498 1.00 Credit Hours
Designed to give advanced instruction in some area not covered in other courses. For upper division majors. Prerequisites to be determined by department.
Independent Study
PSY  0499 1.00 Credit Hours
Course structured by adviser with approval of department head. Prerequisite: Advanced standing in major field. Registration must be approved by advisor and department head.