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Critical Thinking
PHIL  0140 3.00 Credit Hours
Introduction to logic, with special emphasis on common errors and fallacies in reasoning.
Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL  0201 3.00 Credit Hours
Comparative survey of major types of philosophy and of representative problems in philosophy. Satisfies 3 hours of General Education Curriculum requirements in Area F2, Humanities and Fine Arts.
PHIL  0212 3.00 Credit Hours
Exploration of the problems of value and personal moral standards, comparative survey of major ethical systems and evaluation of the chief ethical struggles in contemporary society.
Topics in Philosophy
PHIL  0298 3.00 Credit Hours
Studies in a variety of philosophical subjects. Topic open.
Ancient Philosophy
PHIL  0301 3.00 Credit Hours
Historical study of ancient philosophy, with special emphasis on the writings of Plato and Aristotle. Prerequisites: 3 hours of philosophy or permission of instructor.
Modern Philosophy
PHIL  0302 3.00 Credit Hours
A survey of the major schools of western philosophy from 1550 to 1850. Prerequisites: 3 hours of philosophy or permission of instructor and ENG 102 or 111.
Biomedical Ethics
PHIL  0312 3.00 Credit Hours
A comprehensive investigation of ethical problems relating to health care and the practice of medicine, including study of such issues as euthanasia and the right to die, abortion, confidentiality, patient rights and professional responsibilities, allocation of medical resources, and medical experimentation. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111. Cross-listed as HS 312.
Medical Ethics
PHIL  0313 2.00 Credit Hours
An exploration focusing on recent important ethical problems relating to health care and the practice of medicine.
Comparative Religion
PHIL  0320 3.00 Credit Hours
A philosophical and historical survey, emphasizing the world's major living religions. Prerequisite ENG 102 or ENG 111. Satisfies 3 hours of General Education requirements in Area I, Institutional Requirements.
Philosophy of Science
PHIL  0420 3.00 Credit Hours
Investigation of the nature and scope of scientific inquiry. Topics include the logic of scientific reasoning, the nature of scientific theories, the conceptual presuppositions of science, and the relation between the natural and social sciences. Prerequisite: ENG 101 and 102 or ENG 111.
Advanced Topics in Philosophy
PHIL  0498 3.00 Credit Hours
Comprehensive analysis of selected topics in philosophy. For upper division students.
Independent Study
PHIL  0499 1.00 Credit Hours
Individually directed study in selected areas for advanced students. Prerequisite: GPA of 3.0 in philosophy. Enrollment must be approved by adviser, department head, and school dean.