Degrees & Courses

Course List

Clinical Chemistry
MT  0401 10.00 Credit Hours
Analytical and theoretical aspects of the clinical biochemistry of body fluid constituents utilizing both manual and instrumental techniques, including automation, and special procedures. Five hours lecture, twenty hours clinic/lab per week.
Clinical Microscopy
MT  0402 1.00 Credit Hours
Principles and techniques of the physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of urine and other excrete as related to disease processes. One hour lecture, clinic by arrangement.
Clinical Hematology
MT  0403 6.00 Credit Hours
The cellular elements of blood and bone marrow; theory of cell production, release and survival; morphological characteristics of normal and abnormal cells; quantitative and qualitative abnormalities. Principles and techniques involved in the study of hemostasis, blood coagulation, and hemorrhagic disorders. Three hours lecture, twelve hours clinic/lab per week.
Clinical Serology-Immunology
MT  0404 3.00 Credit Hours
The science of immunity including antibody development, principles of antigen-antibody interactions, and techniques of serological testing for various disease states. Three hours lecture, twelve hours clinic/lab per week.
Clinical Microbiology
MT  0405 7.00 Credit Hours
Sterile technique, methods of handling and inoculating specimens containing pathogenic micro-organisms, isolation and identification of pathogenic micro-organisms, laboratory tests in chemotherapy, and diagnostic bacteriology, mycology, and parasitology. Four hours lecture, twelve hours clinic/lab per week.
Clin Immunohematology-Bld Bnk
MT  0406 3.00 Credit Hours
Blood group systems and the immune response. Methods of crossmatching, antibody screening and phenotyping. Administrative safeguards and legal aspects of blood banking. Proper clinical utilization of blood components. One hour lecture, eight hours clinic/lab per week.
Special Topics Medical Tech
MT  0407 2.00 Credit Hours
Lecture and/or clinical practice in the areas of in-service education, management and supervision, research and development, and principles and techniques of the instructional process. Lecture and labs to be arranged.