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Introduction to Geology
GEOL  0120 4.00 Credit Hours
Materials of the earth, structures and geologic features of the surface in relation to the processes and forces producing them. Laboratory study of minerals and rocks and topographic and geologic maps. Additional one-day field trips may be required. Three lectures, one three-hr. lab per week. Prerequisite: MATH 30 or higher level math or Math ACT of 22 or higher.
Introduction to Meteorology
GEOL  0185 4.00 Credit Hours
Fundamentals of the circulation of the atmosphere, sequence of weather events, weather forecasting, and severe weather. Includes interpretation of weather maps. Three lectures and one two-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: MATH 30 or higher level math or math ACT of 22 or higher.
Physical Geography
GEOL  0201 4.00 Credit Hours
Study of the physical or natural aspects of man's environment with emphasis on landform development, oceanographic features, climate.variation, and human impacts on the planet’s geography. Prerequisite: MATH 30 or higher level mathematics or Math ACT of 22 or higher. Cross-listed as GEOG 201.
Map and Photo Interpretation
GEOL  0202 1.00 Credit Hours
An introduction to the interpretation of topographic maps, aerial photos, and satellite images. One three-hour laboratory per week. Designed to complement GEOL 201. Prerequisite: GEOL 201 or equivalent, may be taken concurrently. Students may not receive credit for both GEOL 120 and GEOL 202.
Fund Earth & Space Science
GEOL  0210 3.00 Credit Hours
Materials of the earth, geologic features and landscapes of the earth's surface in relation to the processes producing them; interrelationships between geologic processes and the earth's atmosphere and oceans; geologic description of the solar system; basic concepts in astronomy and meteorology. Prerequisite: PHYS 100 or 101, or consent of instructor. Three lectures per week.
Earth & Space Science Lab
GEOL  0212 1.00 Credit Hours
Laboratory study of rocks and minerals, landscapes features as revealed in maps and stereo photos, weather maps and data, astronomical observations and earth-sun-solar system interrelationships. One-day field trips and some night-time astronomical observations are required. This course is designed primarily for students specializing in elementary education. Co-requisite: GEOL 210 must be taken concurrently. One three-hour lab per week. (Additional lab fee is required.)
Topics in Geology
GEOL  0298 1.00 Credit Hours
Special Topics in geology not normally offered in other courses. Prerequisites to be determined by department.
Environmental Geology
GEOL  0300 3.00 Credit Hours
An introduction to our relationship to the earth's environment. The limitations of natural resources and discussion of consequences of the exploitation of natural resources are considered along with the demands of humanity upon the environment. Overview of natural environmental hazards, including volcanoes, earthquakes, subsidence landslides, floods, and asteroid impacts. Prerequisite: Five credits in physical science, physics, and/or chemistry. (Cross listed EH 300.)
Historical Geology
GEOL  0320 4.00 Credit Hours
A comprehensive study of the history of the earth within a plate-tectonics context. Emphasizes the global evolution of landscapes and the fossil record. Laboratory includes geologic mapping, the interpretation of geologic history from map and fossil data, and fossil identification. Three lectures, one two-hour lab per week. Prerequisites: GEOL 120 and either BIO 101 or higher level Biology course.
Internship in Geology
GEOL  0491 1.00 Credit Hours
In conference with departmental representatives at least six weeks in advance, the student shall elect to work and observe in any area of applied geology in which on-the-job experience would be beneficial to the student's training. Prerequisites, Junior standing in chemistry, physics, biology, or pre-engineering or by permission.
Advanced Topics in Geology
GEOL  0498 1.00 Credit Hours
In depth study of the geology of a particular region or system of regions through classroom sessions and/or field trips. Extended field trips will require a special lab fee and, in some cases, special physical conditioning or training. The region or area of interest varies from year to year. Prerequisites: GEOL 320 and/or consent of the instructor.
Geology Field Studies
GEOL  0499 1.00 Credit Hours
Individual work under the supervision of a staff member with credit and hours to be arranged. Problems may be undertaken in any field of geology with adequate preparation and the consent of the supervising instructor. Prerequisite: 3 hours of Physical Science or permission of instructor.