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The University Experience
UE  0100 3.00 Credit Hours
UE 100 is required for all degree-seeking students having completed fewer than 30 credit hours. UE 100 is a fundamentals course designed to assist first-year students in successfully defining themselves both as active participants in the MSSU community and as citizens of a twenty-first century global community. The course offers information on university personnel, services, facilities, policies, study skills, and MSSU's international programs and international study opportunities. Student participation in co-curricular activities is required.
Career and Life Planning
UE  0105 2.00 Credit Hours
This course is designed to assist students in the career planning process. A primary objective of this course is to learn and practice systematic approaches to career planning and decision-making. To assist in this process, strategies for decision-making and goal setting will be discussed. Students will go on a personal journey to take a closer look at their personality and how their personality, wants, values and decision-making strategies affect how they choose a major or career. Recommended for all undecided majors and open to any students.
College Academic Skills
UE  0150 2.00 Credit Hours
A course designed to develop and strengthen an understanding of student responsibility, goals and attitudes necessary for the successful transition from secondary school to college. Active learning through critical thinking, reading and writing to support academic success at the University level will be practiced. Students will identify learning styles and strengths and weaknesses associated with their learning processes. This class is designed for students who have an ACT composite score of 17 or below or no ACT score.
Leadership & Prof. Development
UE  0200 2.00 Credit Hours
This course is organized into two segments: leadership development and professional development. The leadership development segment of this course focuses on identification of various types of leadership skills and the role of leaders in the workplace. The professional development segment of this course focuses on determining short and long-standing career goals, the basics of the job search, and improving on-the-job communication skills (verbal and non-verbal). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing with a declared major and an active Project Stay participant.
Tutor Training
UE  0205 1.00 Credit Hours
A course designed to provide students hired as tutors with an educational foundation of the methods and techniques needed to tutor students in a higher education setting.
Leadership Training I
UE  0400 1.00 Credit Hours
Leadership Training I is a semester-long, one-credit hour course designed to prepare students to serve as course assistants for the UE 100 course. In Leadership Training I, students develop familiarity with issues, materials, resources, and methods relevant to assist them in mentoring first-year students enrolled in UE 100. UE 400 may be repeated for credit.
Leadership Training II
UE  0401 2.00 Credit Hours
Leadership Training II is a semester-long, two-credit hour course for students who serve as peer mentors for the UE 100 course. Students will receive credit for Leadership Training II for successfully assisting an instructor in teaching a UE 100 class. UE 401 may be repeated for credit. Successful completion of the course entitles a mentor to a cash stipend. Prerequisite: UE 400.
Legislative Internship
UE  0493 8.00 Credit Hours
Students will be assigned to a legislator or other qualified person involved in the Missouri Legislative Process to observe and participate in a legislative session. The students will be required to live and work in the capital from the beginning of the session until its conclusion and comply with the MSSU Legislative Intern Handbook. Prerequisites: PSC 120, 30 hours of credit, 2.5 GPA.