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Missouri Constitution Exam
PSC  0100 0.00 Credit Hours
All student are required to take PSC 120 to fufull the General Education requirements. Those who transfer the course from outside Missouri must take the Missouri Constitution Exam. A pass/fail grade may apear on the transcript of students who complete the exam.
Government: US State & Local
PSC  0120 3.00 Credit Hours
Designed to give students an understanding of their governments, enabling them to keep up with political developments with the goal of becoming informed citizens needed to sustain democracy. Successful completion of this course fulfills the requirements for the state-mandated Missouri Constitution Test.
Intro to Political Science
PSC  0201 3.00 Credit Hours
Introduction to the discipline of political science. The course is a preview of the major subunits of the discipline: American politics including public administration and legal studies; international relations; political theory; and comparative politics. Recommended for all Political Science majors.
Argument in Political Science
PSC  0202 3.00 Credit Hours
Introduces students to the nature and logic of argument. The course is designed to expose students to the variety of concepts, methodologies, and forms of evidence that characterize political science. Students will be taught to recognize arguments in what they read and to develop their own arguments in written and oral formats. Students will be introduced to the ways that arguments are developed and then demonstrated through evidence using a variety of methodologies including, formal reasoning, deductive logic, inductive logic, quantitative evidence, qualitative evidence, legal reasoning, and field research/experiments. Prerequisite: PSC 120 or consent of instructor.
Road to Law School
PSC  0208 1.00 Credit Hours
Thanks to media portrayals of lawyers and law schools, many students choose a career in the legal field without core knowledge of the principles, objectives and goals of lawyering. Students in this course will explore the core skills necessary to be successful as a lawyer and be exposed to the skill set that can improve performance on the necessary exams for admittance. Students will be required to take part in a law school visitation.
Topics in Political Science
PSC  0298 1.00 Credit Hours
Special political science topics of current interest to the student or faculty member who offers the class. Subjects and instructors change each semester. Students are encouraged to suggest possible course topics to the political science faculty. Prerequisite: PSC 120.
Political Parties & Elections
PSC  0301 3.00 Credit Hours
Analysis of the origins, structure and functions of political parties; the dynamics of the two-party system; the role of third parties and the election process.
Public Opinion
PSC  0302 3.00 Credit Hours
Origins, impact, and measurement of public opinion, with particular emphases on the development of public opinion, how the American public thinks about their government and the consequences of public opinion for the development of public policy. Prerequisite PSC 120 or consent of instructor.
Mock Trial Workshop
PSC  0303 1.00 Credit Hours
Advanced practicum in the area of advocacy, rules of evidence, courtroom presentation and issue spotting. Students will work on the development of tem events and presentation of both Plaintiff and Defense positions on detailed cases as provided by the College Mock Trial Association. May be repeated for a maximum of four hours of credit. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Legal Research
PSC  0304 3.00 Credit Hours
Research involved in case preparation; use of the law library and the various digests, encyclopedias, reports, etc., contained therein. Course is cross-listed as PLS 304.
Law, Society & Jud Process
PSC  0310 3.00 Credit Hours
American legal system viewed from a social and political as well as legal perspective. Focus on the structure and organization of courts, the processing of civil and criminal cases, and the behavior of judges, lawyers, and other participants in the judicial process.
American Presidency
PSC  0311 3.00 Credit Hours
Politics of presidential selection, the powers of the President, the organization of the executive branch and its relations with other organs of government.
Legislative Process
PSC  0312 3.00 Credit Hours
Problems of representation, organization of the legislature, participation and proposals for improved organization. Emphasis is placed on the Missouri General Assembly and the United States Congress. Prerequisite PSC 120 or consent of instructor.
PSC  0313 3.00 Credit Hours
Laws relating to real and personal property with emphasis on the procedures and forms used in real estate transactions and conveyances such as deeds and contracts. Course is cross-listed as PLS 313.
Civil Litigation
PSC  0314 3.00 Credit Hours
Process of civil litigation from filing to appeal including rules for instituting and conducting lawsuits before federal and state courts, rules of procedure, and the preparation of pertinent legal forms. Course is cross-listed as PLS 314.
State Government
PSC  0320 3.00 Credit Hours
General structure, theories, operation and problems of state government with special emphasis on the government of Missouri in the political system. Students will compare and contrast the function of Missouri government at all levels (municipal, county and state) with other states. Prerequisite PSC 120 or consent of instructor.
International Relations
PSC  0321 3.00 Credit Hours
Present-day relations and problems among the states of the world and the major factors which underline and influence these relations.
Family Law
PSC  0324 3.00 Credit Hours
Laws regulating marriage, adoption, divorce, division of property, child custody and support, adult abuse, and termination of parental rights, and the preparation of pertinent legal forms. Course is cross-listed as PLS 324.
Public Policy
PSC  0342 3.00 Credit Hours
An introductory survey of the formulation, execution, and evaluation of public policy in the United States.
Intro to Comparative Politics
PSC  0352 3.00 Credit Hours
The course introduces students to the principles and techniques of the comparative politics subfield. Material includes the structure of government in constitutional and authoritarian regimes, political institutions, political processes, political economy, and major global issues. The course examines themes of democratization, institutional design, parties and party systems, as well as the impact of social and economic change on the conduct and evolution of modern political systems. Prerequisite: PSC 120 or consent of instructor.
Political Discourse
PSC  0398 1.00 Credit Hours
A topics and event driven, open forum for examination of current issues at the national, state, and local levels of government. The course is conducted as a discussion group with the instructor providing directed reading assignments and presentations on discursive practices, traditions, and models within the discipline as appropriate. May be repeated one time for credit.
Social Science Research Method
PSC  0401 3.00 Credit Hours
An introduction and exploration into the ways in which social scientists conduct research including various designs, including interviewing, observation, survey design, and content analysis. Emphasis will be placed on quantitative analysis and the decisions faced by social scientists when designing and applying social research. The course will cover methods of problem and hypothesis formulation, data collection and instrumentation. There will also be an emphasis placed on ethical issues in research. Prerequisite: 9 Hours of Political Science for PSC 401.
Advocacy & Legal Reasoning
PSC  0402 3.00 Credit Hours
Introduction to the methods and applications used in understanding and advocating issues in law. The goal of the course is to allow students to learn how to read, write and speak as an effective advocate using the applications of basic legal reasoning. Class will meet for 3 hours each week for lecture and interactive classroom assignments/applications. Prerequisites: PSC 120, 201 and 208.
Social Science Statistics
PSC  0405 3.00 Credit Hours
Provides basic tools necessary to gather, describe, analyze, and present quantitative social science data. Focus will be on conducting basic univariate and bivariate analyses. Prerequisite: Math 125 or higher math or consent of instructor.
Great Political Thinkers
PSC  0411 3.00 Credit Hours
The course will introduce selected political philosophies from the ancient Greeks to modern times. Philosophies studied will represent the development of Western political philosophy over time, as well as its comparison with selected Islamic and Asian political ideas.
Contemporary Political Thought
PSC  0412 3.00 Credit Hours
Twentieth century political ideas.
Public Administration
PSC  0421 3.00 Credit Hours
Administrative aspects of government. Surveys the major subfields of public administration, including politics and administration, organizational theory, organizational behavior, management, decision making, personnel, public budgeting and finance, policy analysis and program evaluation, and administrative law.
Globalization and Development
PSC  0423 3.00 Credit Hours
The course presents students with the processes of globalization and the interaction between developed and developing nations. The course will explore the changes in the international economy and their effects on domestic politics, economy, and society. Course material will cover the historical foundations of globalization and its modern effects on the nation-state. Prerequisite: PSC 120 or consent of Instructor.
Constitutional Law I
PSC  0431 3.00 Credit Hours
Political and legal aspects of Supreme Court decision making, the nature and scope of judicial review, the constitutional relationships between levels and branches of government, and the First Amendment rights of freedom of expression.
Constitutional Law II
PSC  0432 3.00 Credit Hours
Legal issues concerning the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment areas of free exercise and establishment of religion, the right to privacy, the 14th amendment due process, and equal protection clauses.
American Foreign Policy
PSC  0434 3.00 Credit Hours
The course explores the theoretical and methodological approaches used to analyze American foreign policy. The material focuses on the various governmental institutions and societal forces which shape American foreign policy including, executive-legislative relations, the military, economics, public opinion, interest groups, and the bureaucracy. The major emphasis is on American foreign policy since World War Two. Theoretical material is applied to U.S. relations with important world regions including, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Prerequisite PSC 120 or consent of instructor.
Philosophy of Law
PSC  0435 3.00 Credit Hours
Philosophy of Law will relate traditional themes of legal philosophy to the concerns of modern society. Through readings and discussions students will be exposed to controversial questions and imaginative use of cases and stories. Emphasis will be on understanding the evolution of theory within varied topics of law. Prerequisite PSC 120 or consent of instructor.
Internship Political Science
PSC  0491 1.00 Credit Hours
Observation of and participation in governmental work under the direct supervision of a faculty member and a professional who is employed in the governmental position being observed. No more than 3 hours may be counted toward a major or minor. Repeatable for up to 16 credit hours.
Legislative Internship
PSC  0493 8.00 Credit Hours
Students will be assigned to a legislator or other qualified person involved in the Missouri Legislative Process to observe and participate in a legislative session. The students will be required to live and work in the capital from the beginning of the session until its conclusion and comply with the MSSU Legislative Intern Handbook. Prerequisites: PSC 120, 30 hours of credit, 2.5 GPA.
Seminar in Political Science
PSC  0494 3.00 Credit Hours
Specialized knowledge and/or current research in the discipline. Topics will vary by situation and instructor. Students will prepare and critique papers based on original research. Prerequisite: 9 hours of upper division Political Science.
Directed Research
PSC  0495 3.00 Credit Hours
Students design and conduct research projects resulting in a written report and an oral presentation. Prerequisites: PSC 305, PSC 306, and senior standing.
Adv Topics Political Science
PSC  0498 3.00 Credit Hours
For upper division political science majors. Topics covered and methods used will place emphasis on student-instructor interest, desire to pursue in-depth research, and ability to assimilate topics. It will include areas not already treated in other political science courses. Prerequisite: 15 hours of Political Science or consent of instructor.
Independent Study
PSC  0499 1.00 Credit Hours
For students who wish to do an in-depth study of some specialized topic or who wish to pursue a topic not considered in the department's course offerings. The student will select an adviser from the Political Science faculty who will structure the independent study in consultation with the student and with the approval of the department head. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status and an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Enrollment must be approved by department head and school dean. Repeatable or up to six credit hours.