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International Business
IB  0310 3.00 Credit Hours
This course provides an introduction and overview of the international organizations and the effects of the foreign environment on international business. The course will focus on cultural differences theories of international trade and economic development; international finance; marketing internationally and practical applications of starting and maintaining international business relationships. This course is the prerequisite for higher level International Business courses. Prerequisites: ENG 101 and 102 or ENG 111.
Intl Human Resource Mgmt
IB  0352 3.00 Credit Hours
The course addresses the concepts, principles and practices of organizations who have chosen to participate in international activities either as a profit-seeking business, a not-for-profit, or a governmental agency and wishes to improve the effective management of people in a global environment. The course will address the unique international issues including, but not limited to, human resource planning, recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, evaluating, and compensating employees in a legal, ethical and socially responsible manner. Prerequisite: IB 310 or instructor permission.
International Marketing
IB  0400 3.00 Credit Hours
This course provides students with an understanding of the principles and practices of international marketing by studies of the international marketing environment, international marketing strategies, international marketing management, and international marketing organization for international companies. Prerequisites: IB 310 and MRKT 300.
International Management
IB  0410 3.00 Credit Hours
This course will focus on the development of management skills related to international business. The students will study the international business environment, international business strategy, international organizational structure, and international management. Management issues for small and large international companies will be examined in the areas of management of activities, building of capabilities, management across boundaries, coordination and control, and human resource management. Prerequisites: IB 310 and MGMT 350.
International Trade Finance
IB  0430 3.00 Credit Hours
This course focuses on the environment in which the international financial manager operates. Students study the risks of doing business overseas and the tools available to minimize those risks. Foreign exchange risk, political risk, foreign investments and international financing, working capital management, accounting, and control are examined within this context. Prerequisites: IB 310 and FIN 350.
Global Supply Chain Management
IB  0460 3.00 Credit Hours
This course will focus on the development of logistics management skills related to global supply chains. The students will study the international business environment as it relates to transportation modes and methods, trade agreements and trade zones, legal and security transportation issues, international conventions, and import and export regimes. Particular attention will be given to supply chain management as part of the firm's strategic positioning, cultural interactions and quality considerations as well as to the importance of third party logistics providers. Prerequisites: IB 310 and IB 400.
Internship in Intl Business
IB  0491 1.00 Credit Hours
An internship for senior International Business students with an opportunity to observe and participate in actual business operations within the community. All internships must conform to institutional policy regarding the number of hours of work, the number of credit hours, and written agreements with the cooperating business or agency. Prerequisites: 65 hours, 3.0 GPA, and department head approval. Repeatable up to six credit hours.
Advanced Topics Intl Business
IB  0498 0.00 Credit Hours
Special topics in international business. For upper-division students. Topics to be announced each time the course is offered.
Indep Study in Intl Business
IB  0499 1.00 Credit Hours
Individually directed readings, research, and discussion in selected areas of International Business for advanced majors. Scope, depth, area of concentration, and credit to be arranged upon entry into course. Offered by arrangement. Prerequisites: 65 hours, 3.0 GPA, and department head approval. Repeatable up to six credit hours.