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Topics in General Business
GB  0298 1.00 Credit Hours
Special topics in General Business. Topics to be announced each time the course is offered.
Legal Environment Business I
GB  0301 3.00 Credit Hours
Common law principles and statutes, particularly the Uniform Commercial Code, as they relate to American business. Includes the court systems and procedures, a brief overview of criminal law and tort law, contracts, personal property and bailments, sales, commercial paper and secured transactions. Special emphasis on Missouri case-law and statutes. Lectures supported by actual case decisions and case digests.
Legal Environment Business II
GB  0302 3.00 Credit Hours
Common law principles and statutes, particularly the Uniform Commercial Code, as they relate to American business. Includes consumer protection, government control and regulation, insurance, bankruptcy, intellectual property, agency and employment, business organizations, real property, and estates. Prerequisite: Junior standing.
Business Communication
GB  0320 3.00 Credit Hours
Principles of writing effective business messages to communicate effectively in the business environment. Emphasis on contemporary issues and the employment process. Prerequisites: ENG 101 and 102 or ENG 111 or permission of instructor.
Business Statistics I
GB  0321 3.00 Credit Hours
Methods of collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data related to business. Topics include frequency distribution, measures of central tendency and dispersion, regression and correlation analysis, probability concepts, sampling distributions, estimation procedures, and hypothesis testing. Computer statistical packages will be utilized in analysis and application of problems. Prerequisites: Math 129, 130, or higher and MM 237.
Business Statistics II
GB  0322 3.00 Credit Hours
Methods of statistical analysis relating to business decision-making and research in business and economics. Emphasizes sampling theory, parametric tests of hypotheses, analysis of variance, multiple regression, non-parametric tests of hypotheses, and other selected statistical techniques. Computer statistical packages (and spreadsheet packages) will be utilized in analysis of problems. Prerequisite: GB 321.
Statistical Quality Control
GB  0405 3.00 Credit Hours
Theory and methods used in statistical quality control. Emphasizes basic statistical analysis, variables control charts, attributes control charts, interpretation of control charts, estimation of process parameters, gage capability, acceptance sampling, and service quality. Students will be encouraged to use spreadsheets to solve SPC problems. Prerequisite: GB 321 or consent of instructor.
Implementing Bus Educ Programs
GB  0412 3.00 Credit Hours
This course includes a study of teaching techniques and devices, organization and development of curriculum, testing and measurements, funding, special populations, integrating academics, business/education partnerships and multicultural activities. Special emphasis is given to innovations, systems and developments in business and education. For business education majors only. Taught online through the Missouri Alliance for Collaborative Education (MACE) with Northwest Missouri State University, University of Central Missouri, and Southeast Missouri State University. Must see Business Education Advisor before enrolling.
Internship in General Business
GB  0491 1.00 Credit Hours
An internship for senior General Business students with an opportunity to observe and participate in actual business operations within the community. All internships must conform to institutional policy regarding the number of hours of work, the number of credit hours and written agreements with the cooperating business or agency. Prerequisites: 65 hours, 3.0 GPA, and department approval. Repeatable up to six credit hours.
Advanced Topics General Bus
GB  0498 1.00 Credit Hours
Special topics in General Business. For upper-division students. Topics to be announced each time the course is offered. Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission. Seminar topics offered in the past include office machines, career orientation, and human relations.
Indep Study General Business
GB  0499 1.00 Credit Hours
Individually directed readings, research, and discussions in selected areas of general business for advanced majors. Scope, depth, area of concentration, and credit to be arranged upon entry into course. Offered by arrangement. Prerequisites: Permission and 3.0 GPA. Repeatable up to six credit hours.